Thursday Musical Club

Spring Concert
 Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 7:00 PM
at the
Taylor Auditorium, Schenectady County Community College

                    Guest Artists           Dawn Standing Woman
                                                   Eric Marczak, Flutist


Laggard Dawn (British Suffrage Movement)                                                            Ethel Smyth

                                                                                                                        Arr. Lycan


The March of the Women (British Suffrage Movement)                                          Ethel Smyth 



Song for Equal Suffrage (Battle Hymn)                                             Charlotte Perkins Gilman



Petition (based on 1874 Petition to Congress by the National Women

        Suffrage Association.)                                                                             Katie Ballentyne    




Walk That Valley                                                                                            Gwyneth Walker



Never Sit Down!                                                                                             Gwyneth Walker



So Many Angels!                                                                                            Gwyneth Walker




Natural Superiority of Men (selections)                                                          Arthur Frackenpolh



There’s Nothing that a Woman Cannot Do                                        Valerie Showers Crescenz



Selections by Totally Pitchin’ a cappella choral group



And Ain’t I a Woman                                                                                     Susan Borwick


Will the Circle Be Unbroken                                                                          J. David Moore







The Thursday Musical Club, now in its 105th year, is a cultural organization that brings pleasure to performers and audience. The women in the Thursday Musical Club love to sing good music under capable leadership and perform it for an appreciative and valued audience. The rehearsals each week give women that opportunity, enhanced by the support and friendship of their colleagues. 

The TMC encourages students in their musical endeavors by supporting music programs at Schenectady Community College, Union College, and Niskayuna High School. Funds are used for scholarships based on competitive auditions. 

Our Spring 2018 Concert will be on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
   at the Taylor Auditorium at Schenectady Community College
     Guest Artist: Totally Pitchin', a cappella group from SCCC

New members are always welcome! If interested, please call Bernie LaGoy at +1-518-783-3693.